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Old 12-26-2010, 06:57 AM
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Is it asking too much?
Like several other millions of gamers, I have done my World of Warcraft time, Runes of Magic time, and sadly.....even my Last Chaos time....

I have tried several betas', open and closed, some in the past, some presently. Like every other gamer in the world, I know what I like and dislike in a game. Currently, I find myself "between games" so to speak, looking for that next big thing that will catch my interest and keep it for a while.

I don't mind paying a monthly fee to play a game, as long as there is something there to make me want to play it. Item mall based games, when they work, are fine too; as long as they work.

To the point.

It would be nice to find a game that had EVERYTHING I was after. I am one of those gamers that likes the crafting systems of a game. I like the ability to make and use gear. Whether it is for myself, or other players', I enjoy the mindless hours of gathering resources and crafting items. Being mostly a solo gamer personality, I find crafting an escape from trying to form a group to enter an instance. Along with that, the questing in a game can be easilly done while gathering, which is another thing I enjoy.

No, I am not saying that I do not like grouping, just not all the time. I am also not saying that I do not like PvP, because I do actually; again, just not all the time. I like a world with plenty of places to explore, plenty of mobs to lay to waste, and loads of loot to acquire. So in the hopes that some game developer out there happens along this post, here is some things I would LOVE to find in a game .

Huge game map with several different zones to explore; no, not a 2.5d environment, a total 3d environment that toons do not get hung up on a pebble in the road....

Abundant resources to forrage; and a crafting system that utilizes those resources.

An instance system designed to be played by groups as well as soloed, tailored to fit the makeup of a group, or the class and level of a solo runner.

PvP maps that are balanced, not favoring one side over another (Alterac Valley comes to mind....)

Allows the use of addons created by the gamer community, that will enhance our gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay....we should be able to use both mouse and keyboard movements that we might be used to in other games; also, it would be nice if we could have the ability to use a gamepad if we own one.

Since I mentioned crafting earlier, how about allowing players to actually create functional gear? I mean, if we spend those countless hours working on the skills to create, we should be able to create things that will be just as effective as the average enhanced gear that drops in the world. It would be equally nice if when we attained a mastery in our professions, that we could actually make things that will be just as good as a rare drop from a boss. No, you can keep you unique boss drops that can level a city in a single blow....but at least afford us the option to spend a week gathering countless stacks of resources to use to create our "ultimate" weapon or armor...that we will be able to use longer that a day before we level past it usefullness.

Opposing factions are great to have too; sometime the kill on sight rules can be fun. However, there should be some form of penalties to a level 3,000 toon that walks up and backhands a flagged level 10 player for a one hit PK..... So a balance in PvP would be really nice to have.

I like the use of mounts, it makes traveling long distances a lot easier, so that we can enjoy playing the game. But there should be a minimum level to have a mount. If that is too much to ask, then make low level player mount speeds lower than high level mount speeds...I mean, if you only have $200.00, you can't buy an Escalade....you have to buy the Pinto ....

Please!!!! NO WINGS!!!! Unless the toon is an avion race of some sort ....seriously, I can do without the lag caused by 300 toons running around with vanity wings that have no real functionality other than "hey! I am kool! "

Can we have more that 3 set appearances please? And also, can we be allowed to choose if our toons are male or female without being restricted to playing a healer as a female toon? I mean, maybe its just me, but if I am going to spend that much time staring at my screen, I would rather not have to feel wierd staring at the backside of a male toon.... Racial restrictions are fine though, because some classes should be designed to enhance a specific race.

Gear.....yeah, lets touch on this one for a minute. If I am running around as a warrior, on a female toon, I would feel a lot less like I am playing a supermodel game if my goodies are actually tucked safely behind a wall of armor; not exposing myself to every mob out there in an attempt to charm them into submission through the exposed flesh of my skimpy armor!

*Examples Here*

Unless that could be a cooldown skill? It isn't like I am cruising around a game trying to find a date....

Speaking of that....whats with the marrage system that has reciently spawned in several games lately? The last thing I want to do is get hitched in game; I just got divorced "IRL".....lets leave that feature out please .

Spam guard would be a nice feature too; I can't stand gold spammers....a 1 click feature to block them would help me eliminate unwanted streams of chatter scrolling up my screen while I am trying to have a conversation.

Guild system; lets try to make this easier to do. I mean, finding 8 people to join you to create a Guild is tedious at times; so lets set this up with 2 options.

1: Full Guild - allows features such as Guild battles, tabbards, flags, Castles (or shacks if the Guild is on a budget....) where they can engage in PvP events on their own, or set up there own crafting areas or what ever. Central storage to more easilly share the loot they collect.

2: Limited Guild - Basically your average one man Guild, that will allow the player to access a few feature of a Guild system; like an expanded storage area for the overflow of items that they may need in the future. Also, a feature to allow the player to add additional toons on his or her account into that Guild so that they can tool around with their Guild tag on all of the toons on the account. Yes, I know this sounds pretty stupid, but how many times have you seen someone asking for help forming a Guild to use as a "Guild Bank"? Lets just simplify it and only give them a few features. If they want to have access to the full Guild features, they can add the required amount of players later. I think it would just make forming Guilds a lot easier for some of us.

Ranking for PvP and Dungeons for both types of Guilds would also be nice.

While making this game, try to keep in mind that not every gamer has access to a high end PC; lets try to have it work for players' with average systems; there is nothing worse than not being able to enter a town without it looking like you are dancing the funky chicken into a wall for 3 minutes before your video catches up to the rest of the game! Yeah, it also makes enjoying an instance or PvP battle impossible.

Mail system; this is a really good idea, lets keep this in too! But to make things easier on us, put in tabs. Text mail in a text tab, items in an items tab (duh), and money in the money tab....easier to sort through. Smart mail would be nice....I mean, storing the names of frequently mailed toons for faster mailing.

Okay....setting up shop is nice, but do we really need afk players logged in just to sell their stuff? We will also need a central marketplace (auctionhouse if you prefer) to reduce the clutter inside the cities, and allow players to actually enjoy gaming without waiting around for someone to buy that one item they need to sell!

Did I mention quests yet? Yeah......lets try to make quests that we will actually want to do. Aside from the rest of the things I enjoy doing, I really enjoying flowing through a game following a chain of quests into other areas; and some of the rewards for completing those quests are nice too. So lets set it up so that there are enough quests per level to actually provide a constant source of XP to allow toon progression, and not force us into mindless grinding for levels.....

Okay....I'll say it now...go ahead and put in the title system too....why not, everyone is doing it! But lets put in some silly titles for some of the stupid gamer mistakes that occur too! I mean, I would love to see someone running around with the title "Death by Frog"; which you would gain by dying ....by fighting a frog...... Or even "No Chute Freefall" for the player that got too close to the edge of that cliffside and plummeted to his death! "Multi Mobber" would be good to identify the less than intelligent gamer that pulls aggro from every mob in the room during an instance! I'll let you use your imagination for some others...
But we should include some for feats not everyone will be able to do also. Like surviving that freefall over the cliff with 1% health, or something like that; we could call it "Look Ma, no Parachute" .

Well, just a few ideas I wanted to put out there in case a Dev happens along...
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Old 05-08-2011, 03:34 AM
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This... nearly sounds like Minecraft... well, a Minecraft server with a few added mods. But yeah... it looks like you are asking for Minecraft.

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Old 02-24-2012, 06:36 AM
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Well, I have never heard of it honestly....I guess I don't get out much. Maybe I'll give it a lookiesee after I get a few projects finished; if it is still out there. Thanks for the reply!

I had forgotten about this rant I did a while back there.
Life is like a game; Play it until it ends!
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