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Old 10-17-2011, 10:20 AM
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Aus/NZ Battlefield 3 Conquest 8 v 8 Conquest ladder(xbox360)
Hey all,

Name's II The Salt. I'm an experience BF console vet (tankwhore!!) play for most of the top international clans on Gamebattles over last 5yrs, currently playing for the #1 xbox clan outta the US Team Anarchy winners of all 5seasons of BFBC2 on GB for xbox360

Have been putting together some friendly competition ladders for Australians xbox 360 players, who haven't really had anything local (hence why ive had to play overseas. So its been a mission of mine over the last 3mths to try build Aussie BF community.

Not looking to poach site members or anything like that as the site im running these ladders on isn't even mine. Just has great ladder software/functionality system for BF players to enjoy and get their game on before the Virgin Gaming (Richard Branson) $1.6mill console ONLY tournament for BF3 that is coming up later on.

So if there are any Aus/NZ teams here that can get 8 blokes together and wanna come get some competitive practice then please have a look at what Ive put up here:

8 v 8 Conquest Ladders

For those who wanna apply for teams already recruiting, then the team registry is here:


Again just so everyone is clear absolutely zero interest in pinching ya members just hoping some of the clans can come over for a game, and support what I'm doing for xbox BF here locally. Feel free to drop in and announce yourselves and cross promote this site - hope all the top clans come give it a crack with the boyz!

See you on the Battlefield

II The Salt
BF3 Admin

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