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Old 06-16-2011, 05:55 AM
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Site Notes: 6.15.2011
Hi Everyone!

Here's a list of the most recent site changes:
  • (BUG)We respect Duke Nukem's ambitions to save the world, but he no longer tries to take over gamerdna.com's links or layouts.
  • (BUG)Xbox 360 Import Fixes (reliability)
  • (ENHANCEMENT)The text field for Steam Import now correctly states to enter your URL instead of your username
  • (ENHANCEMENT)All AKAs now log, so we can track wtf is going on, and what's breaking
  • (ENHANCEMENT)Xbox 360 nightly imports now send our team a summary.
  • (BUG)Our database server now correctly handles garbage collection.
  • (ENHANCEMENT)MANY (and by many, we mean 20+) Fixes, optimizations, and enhancements for the Helix API (gamerDNA's API)
  • (BUG)Hid the PSN AKA (it's very broken)
  • (ENHANCEMENT)Got our Staging (test website) up and running
  • (ENHANCEMENT)Our system for logging and tracking errors is now functional.
  • (ENHANCEMENT)Our system for logging and tracking site performance is now functional.
  • (ENHANCEMENT)A system for adding custom pages for events, promotions, and news is now in place
  • (ENHANCEMENT) We're now Blogging!
  • (BUG)The support forums were previously locked, and users couldn't post in it (sorry about that!)
  • (ENHANCEMENT) Text in our Forum now shows in the color Green for all official gamerDNA staff
Known Issues:
  • Twitter doesn't quite work properly (says authentication failed, when in fact, it never tried).
  • Steam games aren't always showing in trending.
  • PSN AKA is unavailable.
  • The Steam AKA has a habit of grabbing the wrong user data. This can happen when you enter your Steam username as opposed to your Steam URL (they're not the same unless you're a long time steam user).
  • The shoutbox in guilds isn't working properly.
  • World of Warcraft Characters don't import properly due to an WoW Armory change.
  • The link to start a guild isn't displaying. This is because it's currently under construction.
  • Periodically when browsing gamerDNA.com, you may receive a "Something went wrong" message. As we see these, we are fixing them.
  • If a game doesn't have all of the needed information in our system, it will not appear on trending no matter how much it's played.
  • Sometimes the text is hard to read in various places on gamerDNA.com. Member Home Pages is a good example.
  • The Media section of your profile doesn't let you upload videos.
We have more fixes on the way!

Gaming is in our blood.
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Old 02-23-2014, 03:44 AM
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The site notes is really good. It will bring a lot of information to the table. - All State Van Lines Relocation
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