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LCLACLAN has much to be proud of
Lcla Clan
Lcla Cklan
HI this is my gta 4 police/metagaming clan

Requirments on How to Join

You must have all of these requirments inoder to join this LCPD Clan.
1) Must have GTA IV.
2) Must be between the ages of 13 - 21 years old.
3) Must have a working XBOX 360 Headset.
4) Must be mature and respectful to the clan.
5) Must participate in clan related games. (Majority of the time)
6) Must have a Gold Membership(XBOX LIVE) over XBOX.
7) Must play as realistic as possible in clan related matches.
8) Must never disobey an order from a high ranking officer.
9) Must not be or participate in any other police clan over GTA IV or GTA IV TBOGT expect this clan.
10) Must obey and follow ALL of the Clan Policies and Rules.
If you have all of these requirments, then scroll down to learn the step by step process on how to join.

How to Join this Clan (Step by Step)

If you follow these steps, this will lead you to becoming an LCPD Officer:
1) Fill out an Application on the title: "Join Today" or click HERE.
2) If the applications division likes your application, you will be invited to an XBOX LIVE Party or Private chat. Either the commissioner or a member from the applications division will then talk to you about your application. I
3) If you pass their expectations, then you will be invited to a GTA IV Private Freemode to begin your training as an LCPD Officer(GTA IV Police Academy).
4) After getting fully trained, register on this site (Become a member)(If you skip the previous steps and then apply to become a member, you will not be accepted onto this site). If you see this message pop up: "Thank You. Your account is now pending approval", then you're on the right page.
5) Verify your membership on the emial that you put in when you were registering.
6) Sign in the account you created onto this website and place your gamertag as your profile name.JOIN AT OUR WEBSITE www.libertycitylawangency.webs.com.
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ZoeRamos has much to be proud of
There would also be things that would also be essential as we go on and try to do something that really works. - Andrew Stolper
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