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Old 04-16-2010, 04:46 AM
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Has anyone heard of or played this game?
Yeah, this post necroed on mmorpg and it was talking about some Herose of Might and Magic MMO being made. Apparently itís only in China, and it will be f2p. Any expats give this a go? I tried google translating the Chinese gameís page but most of it is just babelspeak. Definitely interested. I remember playing through all the expansion of heroes 3, especially liked Armageddon Blade, so I hope they go back to basics here. Although the company associated with the game worries me a little bit, I figure Ubisoft probably didnít have too much to do with this one seeing as how itís only in China.

I hope when they decide to port it, they actually localize the game instead of just giving us some broke-ass English mixed in with an item shop that sells the Uberl33t Armageddon Sword of Pwnage. There is so much potential for goodness out of this IP. I still like a game of heroes now and again, but 5 is such a travesty in terms of multiplayer balance I only ever play the computer on a random map.
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