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██▓ Reaction - Progression REROLL WoW▒▓██
Guild Website:

Reaction is a Horde progression reroll guild on Azgalor PVP - Ruin Battlegroup - Central Time server. Our main focus is to level to 80 as fast as possible, while having fun, and meeting great people. We will be serious raiders, with a not too serious schedule. This reroll will last. Leadership is very knowledgeable about the game, and very patient. We are here to make this last for a very long time. The reroll date will begin when we have 35 active members signing rollcalls

About us:
<Reaction> will be a successful reroll guild. I know many rerolls fail. But I know what it takes to make sure a reroll is successful. Most of us want to reroll because we want to be apart of something new, and meet new players. That's what this will be. I will require members to be active in vent and forums. One thing that I will be proud of, is this will be a very close knit group of friends. We will know each other and play very well together. We all will be very proud to be apart of this reroll, I promise that. The guild will start its reroll when we have a solid core of 25-30 players. With this in mind, please be aware that in applying to this guild, there will be a little bit of time to do the recruiting process. Members will need to be patient while we recruit the right players. We will not just accept anybody. We want serious players, that are willing to reroll all the way to 80. I don't mind if you don't have any raiding experience, as long as you are SMART and willing to learn and take feedback. We are a serious, progression oriented, raiding guild. We will not be HARDCORE, we will be serious. The difference is we will not require players to play long amount of times to progress. We will require our raiders to be smart, prepared, and experienced for our progression.


All members of <Reaction> understand that it takes a significant amount of effort and teamwork to make a reroll guild work. So I ask, if you are wanting to be apart of this reroll, please be serious about the reroll and be active before and during the reroll process. We do not want to hold back our members from wanting to level fast. So, that being said, we will allow:

Transfer of alt 80's

As I stated before, you don't have to be an expert at the class you decide to play. But i do expect you to know where and how to learn your class. I do expect you to except feedback if you are playing your class wrong.
You don't have to know all the raid encounters in the game. But i do expect you to know where to look up raid encounters and be very prepared for progression. Don't expect us to go over each fight. We will expect you to know the fight or you will not be invited to the raid. We are not hardcore, we are serious raiders. We will make up the hours and hours a hardcore raiding guild does, with being smart and prepared!

We will be raiding three nights a week Tuesday through Thursday from 8pm to 11pm CST. Ventrilo is required. You need to have at least the ability to hear, a microphone is not required, but recommended. We're looking for raiders who we can count on! We ask for at least 80% attendance. We do not want a hardcore schedule. We realize there is a life outside of WoW.

Guild Website:
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