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Old 08-23-2009, 02:23 AM
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I can't edit, post, or comment News Articles
Hello all, I'm Vegeta and I have a question. For the past two days, I have been having trouble in regards to posting news in the GamerDNA news section of the site.


Such as the articles that I post, I cannot edit, view/add comments, or even view if it is a youtube video news post.

An example would be if you go to


You may see a few of my posts, I am curious if you can comment, on the articles I post on the page. Such as


or the youtube video news article I posted:

http://www.gamerdna.com/Favorite/New_WOW_expansion_annoucned_at_Blizzcon_Trailer_no w_released

You can either click the links above, or go the news section yourself, click the "on the radar" section and try it yourself.

I have logged out, tried 3 different browsers and I still have the same problem in terms that when I click the links, instead of bringing me to the comments page, or Video, it takes me to the "Hot" part of the news section, which is blank.

Now, other people's articles listed "On the Radar" and my current "Hot" articles I don't have a problem viewing the comments section, etc.

I am mainly concerned, because I cannot edit articles I may have made a mistake on.


So my question is, does anyone know why this is happening? Has it happened to anyone else? Does anyone know a solution? Are you able to view comments on the articles I listed above, or do you get the same black, blank article page? Any advice would be appreciated.
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