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Old 05-28-2009, 07:09 PM
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My friend who I play D&D mini's with found this somewhere and we tried it out.

It is the least user friendly setup I have ever seen for the DDM module. It took me two hours to guess where to extract everything. Then once we got it up and running he could only see 3 of my units. We restarted and I couldn't see any of his. I pretty much mimicked the info on the screen on a tabletop map which defeats the purpose. We could have used AIM and it would have been faster.

Things I did like tho was that it had every mini put out and was organized in 4.0 categories (underdark, wilderness, civilization and borderlands) the setup was easy. Just find the unit and drag and drop to your deck pile.

The module also includes a button for d20 and one for d100. You can add blast "icons" that overlay on the map so it's obvious who is affected. There are icons for cones, a turn indicator and more.

Overall if the setup was easier and it included the cards or unit stats other than health I would have loved this more. But it's a decent way to past the time while mining in Eve:Online.
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