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Old 03-10-2009, 03:28 AM
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Atlantica Online
I've been playing Atlantica for a month now and I like to share the game with you guys. Atlantica Online is a new free to play turn based online game. It has been recognized as Korea's 2008 game of the year.

Game Story Line:

The story is about the lost world of Atlantis, during the ancient times the people of Atlantis discovered how to make a strange substance called the Oriharukon. This discovery brought powers to the people of Atlantis and empowered them with magic powers. The Atlantians were too greedy to share their knowledge with other nations making them the most powerful nation. The Atlantians eventually exhausted the supply of the four crystals used to make the Oriharukon. So come many wars for the search of these ingredients, Atlantians destroyed worlds after worlds. Then come one day they lost control of the Oriharukon and vanished the whole city away. Up to the present day the remnants of the Oriharukon remains and brought negative effects to the environment.

Your goal in-game is to play the role of a descendant of Atlantis. You would face numerous adventures and battles, going around the world in search of Atlantis. You would be accompanied by mercenaries that you meet along your way to help you battle monsters that are under the influence of the negative effects of the Oriharukon. You can choose between 9 main characters, the sword, bow, gun, staff, cannon, axe, spear, guitarist and power saw together with lot different mercenaries.

Unique Game Features:

Multiple Mercenary Systems
AFK Fishing System
Arena Betting System
Free League Tournament
Nation War System
Real World Maps
Referral Programs
Apprentice Systems
Gift Giving System
Mail System
Convenient Item Stores
Item Crafting
In-game Forums
Hall of Fame

You can download the 2gig game client, it usually takes a lot of time but I assure you it would be worth playing. I strongly suggest you guys choose FileFront as your download mirror site. I tried downloading it from gamegravity and it got corrupted. It would also be convenient if you use a download manager.


Ndoors opened up a new server named Delphi for Atlantica Online about a few days ago. You can create an account there to have a fresh start.
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Old 03-10-2009, 03:13 PM
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I was going to play this game, untill I saw the item shop and the 150% xp/attack damage/whatever potions. Then I quit.
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