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Old 03-01-2009, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by WayneMSmith View Post
It's true. Can you really judge someone's actions as being "wrong", when all human society is based on perception. How can judge someone as "evil" when in their perception of the world it is "good". IMO the only true evil in the world are those that purposely go against their moral perceptions of the world, and don't truly feel regret after the fact.
It is only by our actions that we can be judged. Hitler may have thought he was doing good, but through his actions we can see that he was actually doing evil. You can think good thoughts all day long, but if you're murdering (not killing, there is a difference between the two) people while doing it, that doesn't make you "good".

As far as legislating games, most people are lazy. If they can get away with having someone else make difficult decisions for them, they will. Then there's the type that thinks that the government should be the parents of our children, not the parents themselves. Goes back to personal responsibility, something we all have an obligation (not to others, but to ourselves) to admit.
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