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Old 02-17-2009, 12:12 AM
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A few notes on the calendar
A few notes on the calendar.

There seems to be a bug saving the Milestone status.
If you added a Milestone to an event before, you can't remove it later.
I could imagine this to be a feature, but I actually ran into this after adding two Milestones to the wrong event.
I removed both, saved, and both were still there.
As a test I just added all seven to the event, and I can delete for instance three and save, but not all of them, because then none will be removed.
I also changed the text a little, and that did save, so it's just the Milestones, and only when you remove all of them.

Speaking of Milestones, I'd like the selected ones to be shown a bit clearer during editing.
The thin blue line is a bit harder to see than I'd like.
The same goes for the Mood selection, although them all being the same shape makes the border more obvious.

Finally: the calendar starts with Sunday, which makes it really awkward trying to visualize the week for me.
There are reasons for starting with a different day than Monday, but over here in the Netherlands everybody (that I know of) uses Monday.
Is there any chance the calendar could adhere to a user setting for us to change?
Of course I wouldn't mind a hard-coded changed either, but maybe (obviously?) starting with Sunday is more common in the US, so that might not be a good idea.

As always, thanks for listening!
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