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Old 02-08-2009, 03:24 PM
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Crysis Games Rule!
I've got both Crysis and Crysis Warhead and they are great!
My computer doesn't seen to have any problem running the games, I usually put the settings to low-medium and it still Looks amazing. Granted if your computer CAN play it on the maximum settings it will be Stunning , but even on the low settings I play it on, it looks better than most games!
It's true, Warhead has a much shorter Singleplayer but what it lacks for SP it makes up in HEAPS in its MP! Warhead also has new weapons, vehicals, more explosive story, and even more action packed,(And i should mention it is a stand alone game for the Crysis Series, The Next game will be Like the Crysis(2) with a different name, I think one of the points of this stand alone game is that you see the events of the last game happening at the same time as Crysis(1) but from another NanoSuit Soldier - "Psycho"'s perspective)
Kind of opposite for Crysis(1) whilst the Singleplayer is Legendary and fun to play again and again, the multiplayer needs a bit of looking at

I tend not to get caught up in how good it looks, focus on the gameplay and storyline and these are still breathtaking games.
I would be interested to meet anyone who has Crysis Warhead and plays ONLINE; i think i will make a Thread where Crysis Warhead Online Players can meet up and exchange gaming times and experiences if it's not already been made..
I think this thread is a bit old and I would like to meet players that are still playing Crysis Wars. If anyone has objections to this or knows of a Uprunning *Crysis Wars*(The Crysis Warhead's Multiplayer name) thread please tell me
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