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Clan AH
Clan AH multigaming is HERE!!


Clan Info
  • We are a multi-gaming clan established in April of 2002 and currently have 230+ members spread throughout 8 divisions that login daily to our main website, www.ClanAH.net ! On top of that we have a massive ventrilo server and our own forums, located at http://www.AHForums.com. Our clan is constantly growing in numbers and ideas, and we intend to have 300 members by March 1st! We have a ranking system on the main website which is really cool cause your rank is based on what you do in the clan, as well as the ribbons you earn!

  • CounterStrike 1.6
  • CounterStrike Source
  • Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction
  • Warcraft III Frozen Throne
  • World of Warcraft
  • GunZ
  • Maplestory
  • Combat Arms
  • Graphics

    Clan Assets
  • Site - ClanAH.net
  • Forums - AHForums.com
  • Ventrilo - IP: Port: 3200
  • Tournaments
  • Great community / clan
  • 200+ Members
  • Mature Leadership
  • Ranks to earn!
  • mIRC

  • CounterStrike 1.6 Pub -
  • CounterStrike 1.6 Private - ???
  • CounterStrike Source Pub -
  • CounterStrike Source Private -
  • Maplestory Guild Name - Wicked
  • Maplestory World - Scania
  • Gunz Server - Quest 2 Server
  • Diablo 2 / Warcraft III Realm - East / Azeroth
  • WoW Server - Daggerspine (PvP)
  • WoW Faction - Alliance
  • WoW Guild - Apocalypto

  • 1x Public Server - Cal Rotation Maps
  • 2x Private servers
  • 1x CAL team
  • 63 Members and rapidly growing!

  • 2x 100 Tic servers
  • 1x Private server
  • 2x CAL teams
  • Development Team can work with you on your skills!
  • Constant Scrims on Ventrilo
  • Tournaments with great prizes!
  • 40 Members and rapidly growing!

  • 31 Members and rapidly growing!
  • Established and modearted U.S. East B.net Clan
  • Friendly and helpful players!
  • Many great events including Rush Nights and Ubering

  • 75+ members and rapidly growing.
  • Ability to work ones way through Guilds own ranking system.
  • Active Raid groups who have completed Vault and OS
  • Mature and experienced leadership
  • Friendly and Helpful Guild members!
  • AHWoW.net

  • Hosting Bots that can host DotA among other games!
  • Skilled and active gamers with ventrilo
  • Fun Tournaments with great prizes!
  • Melee / DotA sections

  • Active and Helpful Members
  • Many fun events!

  • 36 Member and rapidly growing!
  • Great Tournaments with prizes.
  • Active and friendly members.
  • Talented members to help you work on your skill.
  • Special awards for helping out around the division.

  • Super Active Guild!
  • Constantly doing Party Quests!
  • Always someone to party with
  • Members willing to help you level
  • Tons of fun and cool members
  • Active forums to complete requests and showcase your work!
  • Friendly and Helpful artists
  • Enjoyable tournaments and events such as SOTW with good prizes.

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