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There's no right or wrong. There's only discovering your gamerDNA.

Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology

This is the original Bartle Test, a player personality analyzer that classifies you as an explorer, socializer, killer or achiever. Our data includes over 200,000 of the original responses that Erwin Andreasen recorded between 1996 to 2006. Originally designed for MUD (multi-user dungeon) participants, it remains relevant to new virtual worlds and MMORPGs. Scoring is interesting and entertaining. The original wording of all questions has not been changed except to modernize certain terms such as replacing MUD with the more encompassing MMORPG.
Number of Times Taken 880,749 Most Common Result Explorer Most Unique Result Socializer

Decades of Influence

Gaming has evolved over many years, and through that all, you were there... maybe jumping from cabinet to cabinet in a dark and noisy arcade, or playing a multiplayer match at broadband speeds. Through it all you have bought what you liked, played what you liked, and build a history of gaming memories. This quiz will look back into that history and discover how four decades of gaming have influenced you and which has influenced you the most.
Number of Times Taken 69,857 Most Common Result 1990s Most Unique Result 2000s

FPS Multiplayer Playstyle Quiz

Some people like to run to the front, spraying the enemy with red hot lead. While others prefer to organize their forces, and send in others to do their dirty work. The FPS Multiplayer Playstyle Quiz will help you discover just what kind of FPS player you are. There are no wrong answers, so grab your favorite weapon, and discover what optimal role is!
Number of Times Taken 52,191 Most Common Result Recon Most Unique Result Commander

RTS Multiplayer Playstyle Quiz

The RTS Multiplayer Playstyle Quiz will help you discover what kind of RTS player you are. Are you the kind of player who likes to hunker down until you unleash your fury? Or perhaps you are the type of player who just loves to fight the good fight. There are no wrong answers here, so step on up, and show us what your made of!
Number of Times Taken 34,017 Most Common Result Turtle Most Unique Result Rusher

Not Your Grandma's Music Quiz

Sure, we could have called it the gamerDNA Music Game Playstyle Quiz, but then it actually would have been your grandma's music quiz. Taking this quiz will help you learn what kind of music gamer you are, be it a rockstar, a studio musician, a solo artist, or a lead musician.
Number of Times Taken 24,321 Most Common Result Solo Artist Most Unique Result Rockstar

The Fighter Playstyle Quiz

Some like it fast, and some like it brutal, but everybody loves to win. This quiz will help you discover the playstyle you prefer in your fighters.
Number of Times Taken 11,967 Most Common Result Tactician Most Unique Result Brute