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This Week's World of Warcraft Highlights
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Just like the Blizzard contest, only, no talent required. All you need is an image of your WoW character (you could use MS Paint and doodle a stick figure if you're too lazy to take a screenshot), and a GamerDNA account.

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Submitted: 2381 days ago
Submitted by: Sanya
Category: World of Warcraft
Tagged as hot: 2381 days ago

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Comments Who Liked It?

From: BoneGrinder on 23-Jun-2008 at 07:55pm

I have uploaded a ton of pics of my char BoneGrinder as well as pics of friends and ones i have enhanced as well so go check it out I would upload here but I guess I am not allowed to do so. Enjoy my site and hope to win!!!! I have a good pic or 2 there!!!!!

From: Minsman on 16-Jun-2008 at 01:53pm

uploaded my character, although he's got better equipment since I took this shot.. and a newer raptor

From: X Frostermug on 13-Jun-2008 at 12:01am

So I completely want to take part in this. No idea where to post a pic, so I submit this one:
now I wait, fingers crossed.
[edit] And Durr, Now I've actually entered. ^_^[/edit]

(Edited by X Frostermug on 13-Jun-2008 at 08:38am: Minor edits)

From: Romineii on 12-Jun-2008 at 09:16pm

Sooo...is that post a pic--of some sort--to the your user page, or what? I don't see any sort of upload link here... [edit] Heh. nm, found it. =P[/edit]

(Edited by Romineii on 13-Jun-2008 at 12:17am: Minor edits)

From: flamingbunny on 12-Jun-2008 at 11:38am

i got this i got an awsome dwarf ill try to get a screen shot this weekend

From: Merlox on 12-Jun-2008 at 10:36am

Why, Oh why, do I have to be at someone else's house the whole week?!?

From: Minsman on 12-Jun-2008 at 09:00am

Sounds cool. I'll post my main character tonight!

From: Leaelfadril on 12-Jun-2008 at 07:51am

Sounds like fun. I just started WoW as my first MMO. I'm not very good at it but this I can do.