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gods of revenge

alright umm im a member of a clan and im gettin more recruits so we can have huge clan wars and make better vids then our old 1s so if anyone wants to join 90+ then go to my clan or go to rs forums and look up gods of revenge or G O R

Voting Details: 6 positive, 9 negative
Submitted: 2726 days ago
Submitted by: baby_thizz
Category: Web Games
Tagged as hot: 1390 days ago

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From: acompanhantescuritiba on 25-Sep-2011 at 10:40am


From: Nay222 on 04-Dec-2008 at 03:37am

This isnt true its been a rumout for along time! There gonna be no halo move but i have good news there going to be a metal gear solid movie YAY!!!