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Disciple Beta Keys!!!

MMORPG.com and Resistor Games have teamed up to give MMORPG.com members exclusive access to the beta test for Disciple! This is a new flash based MMO browser game where you can duel other players for fame and glory! They only have 2,000 keys to give out (1828 left as of this posting) and they are first come, first served - so get yours now by visiting this link.

Voting Details: 6 positive, 4 negative
Submitted: 2234 days ago
Submitted by: LordXenophon
Category: Web Games
Tagged as hot: 2234 days ago

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Comments Who Liked It?

From: BlueEyesWhiteGirl on 16-Apr-2009 at 04:40pm

Woohoo! Beta key giveaways FTW!