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This Week's Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning Highlights
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Warhammer Online's Head Start Dates Revealed

The Warhammer Online "open" is in full swing (sorry about the mess, Europe), though while getting an early look at the game is certainly nice and all, the retail head start is where the real action is at. Mythic Entertainment today reveals that folks who pre-ordered Warhammer Online will get a chance to start building their characters come September 14th, four days before the retail launch. Oh wait, did I say folks who pre-ordered? I meant folks who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition. Those who opted to reserve the standard edition will get access on Tuesday, September 16th, which is only a two-day head start. It's Mythic's way of showing their scalable appreciation for your interest in their product.

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Comments Who Liked It?

From: bobcobo on 11-Sep-2008 at 04:54am

A 2 week head start would have probably meant lots of people at 40 before the launch.

From: Hagan on 10-Sep-2008 at 03:39am

I'll say. Head start SHOULD have been two weeks! Not four days.
Talk about getting the bitter end of the shaft AGAIN!

From: Jodou on 09-Sep-2008 at 05:05pm

Pretty bait and switch of them, since the EU official head start dates were already announced as the 14th and 15th. Either they changed their mind suddenly or this is a typo. Hopefully the decision is reversed to what they promised or they're going to have quite a few angry customers.