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strange questions?????

try and answer them!!!!!!

Voting Details: 10 positive, 6 negative
Submitted: 2073 days ago
Submitted by: UK-RAT-RECRUITAR
Category: Off Topic
Tagged as hot: 2071 days ago

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Comments Who Liked It?

From: UK-DESERT-RAT-79 on 23-Nov-2011 at 12:45pm

fuck this.!! this is fubar mate...thought ya might have had a re-think likes....oh well...good while it lasted...scunnerd!!

From: UK-DESERT-RAT7 on 23-Nov-2011 at 01:59am

wtf mate whats this shit all about whats happened mate

From: UK-DESERT-RAT-1 on 27-Sep-2009 at 02:25pm

very funny bout the cow, and the dog, few poeple on this site gettin a bit geeky. tht aint 4me, i need my M60 or Ns2000 single shout, 7shot cylinder blow ya fukin head off asshole mudder fuker of a gun ya mo fo's!! hope u like this comment feel free 2 comment back. were all dead poeple walking!!!! ahhhh????