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bible gateway

You can read many different versions of the bible here. You can search a phrase and it will pull up were it comes from. You can also buy new bibles or study books here. Its a great site , i use it for reading since the book i have is a version i find very hard to read... and i just have not replaced it :)

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Comments Who Liked It?

From: Epshalandra on 23-May-2008 at 06:27am

may be reglious but its not being presented in a pushing manner so its ok Thanks for the info. I often do theological research and this is a nice reference

From: Mia on 22-May-2008 at 03:26pm

it's definitely "off-topic"

From: Dem. on 21-May-2008 at 05:30pm

The hot system is obviously broken... This is ... omg.

From: Tjuhl on 21-May-2008 at 04:52pm

religion is a no-go. could this news entry please be removed?