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Black people are getting shot?! This must be racism!

What an absolutely ridiculous comment, it certainly does not deserve the polite and politically correct answer that he gives. If I was Takeuchi I would've told the guy to die in a fire, and stop wasting our air. Or go one step further and just remove every black villager from the game and include massive billboards that say -THERE ARE NO BLACK PEOPLE IN AFRICA, YOU'RE NOT SHOOTING BLACK ZOMBIES, THESE ARE CAUCASIAN, 100% BLONDE, BLUE EYED, ARYAN, WHITE PRIDE ZOMBIES-. Indirect ridicule, but then, I have a feeling that probably would have ruined the immersion of the game. I spit on this PC bullshit.

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From: Sensational on 23-Jul-2008 at 06:32pm


I felt that a picture had to be created, and so I did. This piece of art clearly illustrates the racism in this game. Notice how I used the N word, that must mean I'm racist aswell! I'm going to sue myself now, it's the PC thing to do in a situation like this.