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This Week's Guild Wars 2 Highlights
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Guild Wars 2: A brand new start for the underrated MMO

A brief article from GamesRadar, originally snagged from PC Gamer UK. Concept art from GW:EN and GW2 included. Summary: Jan 10, 2008 Fans of Guild Wars have been sated with expansion packs - three so far (Nightfall, Factions and Eye of the North), compared to WoW’s one. Clearly it’s time for a reinvention of the hugely successful MMO. Here’s what to expect....what follows is a brief description of the game.

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Submitted: 2607 days ago
Submitted by: Talen
Category: Guild Wars 2
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Comments Who Liked It?

From: ShadowStep on 05-May-2008 at 09:23am

Eh, Games Radar seems to have missed the concept totally on some of the aspects.
Thanks for the Info Talen.

From: Kaljin on 28-Apr-2008 at 03:16am

Ahh, continuing on the lore of my original favorite game, before people started leaving due to lack of content, and I was forced to move on to bigger horizons due to the fan loss and lack of anything new and exciting to do.

Thanks for the info, its really refreshing .

(Edited by Kaljin on 28-Apr-2008 at 06:17am: Minor edits)

From: Piel De Osa on 27-Mar-2008 at 10:39am

Its an expansion if you got the game alreay, if not its a stand alone game.

From: darkchilde on 24-Mar-2008 at 08:54pm

"underrated"? GW unamimously scored very well in all its iterations

From: ScythXIII on 21-Mar-2008 at 07:00am

Technically, Nightfall and Factions aren't expansions, as they can be played seperately. Eye of the North is the only real expansion Guild Wars ever had, requiring you to have at least bought one of the chapters and "expands" on it.

Anyways, thanks for the info. REmember reading about GW2 in PC Gamer. The Charr are win <_< ...

From: Fighter Mel on 19-Mar-2008 at 01:00pm

Thank you for the information.