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This Week's Guild Wars 2 Highlights
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Guild Wars 2 - extensive preview

An in-depth preview of Guild Wars 2, which is essentially a compilation of all the information out there both online and off. Plenty of new stuff in there if you've only ever seen the forum overviews.

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Submitted: 2931 days ago
Submitted by: Droniac
Category: Guild Wars 2
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Comments Who Liked It?

From: 5150Reaper on 18-Nov-2008 at 11:06pm

Im really liking the sound of guild wars 2. I wonder if its going to be graphics heavy though. Sounds like i will need a 512 to play it, which is okay since i have one on its way so i can play crysis and assassins creed.

From: Jamion on 29-Apr-2008 at 12:37pm

Cantha won't be in GW2 as I understand it, but the luxons and kurzs have been crushed thoroughly by the new emperor. Sounds to me like they are setting cantha up for an expansion, probably an evil empire. Elona will be in GW2 though, but most of it will be controlled by Palowa Joko and his undead army and black army (aka fallen sunspears). The Order of Whispers for saw the comming of the dragon and moved to Tyria in order preserve the texts of old when the world floods. Ascalon gets crushed by the charr and the King sacrifices his life to seal Ascalon City as ghosts...at least this is how understood it from the http://guildwars.wikia.com/wiki/Guild_Wars_2 article.

From: deviouscloud on 05-Dec-2007 at 12:11pm

That World PvP sounds like the greatest thing... ever.
And the quest triggered instances? Freaking great! Hopefully the game will still assign the loot to the players though, so it's not like, everyone fighting over it.
I'm not too stoked about the decrease in professions though, or the ?probability? of it not including Elona and Cantha... I'd love to see how the Kurzick and Luxon feud has played out over the next few hundred years. And don't forget the Sunspears and the Zaishen Order, and Order of Whispers. Those are all really cool, interesting thingamajigs. I'd like to see them all brought back in some form or another. And, hopefully Ascalon will be (at least mostly) rebuilt by then, and green lol.
Regardless, it sounds great so far based on the information provided.

From: Solus on 02-Dec-2007 at 05:49am

Pretty good, added a few things to what I already had read.

From: Malcor Nocta on 01-Dec-2007 at 02:32am

Was a good article! I am keeping my hopes up and my faith in GW. I bet it will be the best game ever!

From: Underpants on 27-Nov-2007 at 11:01am

"without the insane elitism plaguing the original game." lol. I never thought of it that way before. But I guess your right. I can't wait to see how the structured PvP turns out. I just hope there's a ladder. Its all good to have PvP for the PvEers but I hope they don't give up on the competitive guys. As far as the smaller amount of classes than the original goes I'd think it'd be melee, ranged, caster, healer. But who knows.

(Edited by Underpants on 27-Nov-2007 at 01:06pm: Minor edits)

From: Aquadoren on 23-Nov-2007 at 02:53pm

Good artical, GW2 sounds awsome

From: Dawgeth on 03-Oct-2007 at 05:59am

Definitely a motivator in my return to GW, as the game has always been fun, as long as you ignore some of the people in it!

From: Bishop on 12-Sep-2007 at 04:27am

I like the article. But what's up with using screenshots from Factions? That makes no sense.

From: Rysonue on 10-Sep-2007 at 08:41pm

A lovely article. It really got me thinking about putting some more effort into my Guild Wars characters and get ready for this game.

From: Roxianna on 28-Apr-2007 at 04:09am

A good and complete compilation of all GW2 news already released in one easy-to-read package.