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Hu's On Tour Task Force?

A hillarious web comic made from City of Heroes screenshots. Manticore is trying to inform Statesman on the situation with his task force, but Statesman doesn't seem to understand what Manticore is trying to say. Manticore's habit of calling heroes by the first word of their names isn't helping any. (That's a common habit in every game.) This comic is funny even if you know nothing at all about City of Heroes.

Edited by LordXenophon on 07-Apr-2009 at 12:00am: Expanded description.

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Submitted: 2278 days ago
Submitted by: LordXenophon
Category: Entertainment
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Comments Who Liked It?

From: Anat on 02-Apr-2012 at 03:54pm

Couldn't you post this as a gamerDNA article?

From: Svoboda on 10-Apr-2009 at 05:24pm

I didn't get to see this when it was a gameamp. Thanks for re-posting it. It's great!

From: BlueEyesWhiteGirl on 09-Apr-2009 at 05:44pm

I laughed so much I couldn't even finish it.

From: CatScratch on 07-Apr-2009 at 03:50pm

This is some of his best work. I read it when it was a gameamp.com and laughed my ass off.