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Darkfall: Yellowbeard visits Aventurine

Here is the writeup. Go cry VAPORWARE some more :D

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Submitted: 2496 days ago
Submitted by: Freeze
Category: Darkfall
Tagged as hot: 2474 days ago

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Comments Who Liked It?

From: Dark Necron on 19-Aug-2008 at 12:48pm

They are saying that it is the next Ultima Online. Mahirim pwn.
Long live Darkfall!!!

From: Freeze on 28-Jul-2008 at 06:00pm

ya well, the problem is that every MMO that came out the past few years sucks big time...
Tabula Rasa sucks, AoC sucks bigtime, WAR will suck as well...

so if they actually fuck up DF too, I will give up on MMOs...

the MMO market seems to have specialized on idiots... sad but true =/

From: Sensational on 28-Jul-2008 at 03:26pm

Sadly, if they actually launch it sometime this decade, it'll probably suck.

From: Freeze on 27-Jul-2008 at 07:56pm

I've been too fast

here's the official "official" link ^^