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GamerDNA Helix API: Warhammer Character

Please consider this web service in beta... we are interested in your feedback. Please use the support form for any comments


This web service returns you information on a warhammer character by passing in the character name and the server (as well as your GamerDNA API key)

Base URL



* required

  • name* - Character's Name in Game
  • server* - Server the Character is on
  • apikey* - User's GamerDNA Apikey

Your API key is available on the first pane of your GamerDNA Panel. You must be logged in.

Example URL

http://helix.gamerdna.com/warhammer_character.php?server=<servername>&name=<character name>&apikey=<yourkey>

Valid Result

    <description>GamerDNA - Warhammer Stats</description>
    <guild>House of gamerDNA</guild>
    <cached>2008-09-27 09:20:26</cached>

Invalid Result

    <description>GamerDNA - Warhammer Stats</description>
    Character not yet in the GamerDNA.com system, please register at http://www.gamerdna.com/war_char.php

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