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Ancient Order

Description: we are a group of people who believe in loyalty and friendship and firmly believe that a good group of loyal friends will be more skilled than a group of hitler driven players

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Chatty, Competitive, Farming, Social, PVE, PVP

Blood of the Fallen

Description: A Gaming Community.

Traits: Adults-Only, Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Crafting, Experts, Family-Friendly, Farming, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Roleplayers, Techies, Tournament-Focused

Chaotic Soldiers

Description: ~|~


Description: www.core-pvp.de

Cross of Valor

Description: Cross of Valor is a guild of mostly Christian players which was founded by Hedge, Integ, Shua back in 1997 during the original Myth 1. Since then we've played together as a guild through Myth I, Myth II, Unreal Tournament, UT:2004, Shadowbane, and W...

Dark Carnival

Description: Dark Carnival is a multi game online community created in March of 2004 comprised of a plethora of Shadowbane gamers from the chaos and Mourning servers with the goal of creating a new standard and attitude regarding gaming. DC is about pushing the ...

Der Erst Hordereich

Description: We melt faces, steal all ur bases, type in UPPER CASES, leave u in stasis.

Mmm... we're a bunch of dorks who play WoW, what else do you need to know? We want to pwn instances and have fun. Sign on to vent and babble incoherently about beer, bong...

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Crafting, Family-Friendly, Farming, Social, PVE, PVP


Description: Desolation is a multi-game guild that has been around for a little over 6 years now. We have had a presence in just about every MMO out there and still maintain one in several. We're looking to start up a WAR branch of the guild at release and are we...

Novik Saints

Description: We are a group of people who play together on many diffrent types of games. We aim to be beginner friendly and we play just to have fun.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Experts, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Roleplayers


Description: We are a very dedicated team oriented group of friends looking to be one of the top guilds in the world of Warhammeronline. We have very clearly defined goals and upon acceptance of your initial application we will go into more detail. Expect to ra...

Traits: Adults-Only, Competitive, Experts, Hardcore, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Techies


Description: The OPP Online Gaming Family was founded in 1997 to create a unique competitive gaming experience for all members. Since our beginnings OPP has strove to retain a small and highly active membership focused on organization and player skill. OPP is sti...

Traits: Casual, Experts, Family-Friendly, Hardcore, PVP, Techies, Tournament-Focused

Order of the Pink Pansies

Description: OPP was founded in Shadowbane in early 2003 and is still going strong to this day. We are PKs, Griefers, whatever. We just play to have fun. I have listed Age of Conan and Darkfall as those are likely games that you will see us in. Second Life is...

Pudding Imps

Description: We are a friendly helpful group that enjoins playing the game. We try r best to play with Honour.

We are a PvP and PvE guild we do a lot of AB
we would like to do GvG but need good player to make a go of it

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Farming, Social, PVP, Roleplayers


Description: Dominate, That's what we do


Description: www.rerolled.com

Skara Brae

Description: Skara Brae is a Meta Guild playing multiple games but currently focused mostly on EQ2. We have no age requirments but most of our players are 40+ years old. We are family friendly, casual, and always putting family and career needs ahead of gaming....

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Crafting, Family-Friendly, Farming, Social, PVE

Societas Daemonica

Description: Societas Daemonica (SD) was founded in Shadowbane about 4 years ago. We are a European PvP/PK oriented guild and have been playing Shadowbane, Guildwars and World of Warcraft so far - we dominated the European server in Shadowbane and stayed the most...

Traits: Competitive, Experts, Hardcore, PVP

Stygian Order

Description: The Stygian Order is no longer an active guild. For more information, please see the Guild's website.

Traits: Adults-Only, Casual, Chatty, Farming, Social, PVP, Roleplayers

The Ascended

Description: The Ascended is a Shadowbane guild on the Saedron server. Saedron uses the loreplay ruleset and The Ascended is an Aracoix Kh'ree charter (Aracoix race only).

Traits: Competitive, Social, PVP

The PhM

Description: We are what we are. The longest running and greatest MMO Clan in existance. Whether you love us, hate us, or love to hate us....there's no denying we're here to stay and we're the best at what we do. Slaughtering people, making them flip out over vid...

The Red Army

Description: The Red Army, roughly based off of Socialist Ideals with a bit of violent revolutionary action every now and again.

The Seraphim

Description: The Seraphim is a competitive PvP guild formed in 2000. We have been at the top of the game in various MMO's, most notably Shadowbane and World of Warcraft. Our website is located at www.the-seraphim.com if you need to contact us.

Traits: Competitive, Experts, Hardcore, PVP

The Xroads

Description: the pvp intensive

Unforgiven Performance

Description: '' Unforgiven Performance " coming to a city near u -
Battries Not Included

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Farming, PVE, PVP

Weapons of Poseidon

Description: This clan was created in September 30, 2006 by Citan and Uprising. It was created to be a Age of the Empire 2: The Conquerors clan. It grew fast, within 2 months we had 30 members in the clan. But that number dropped fast when things went for the wor...

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Farming, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Roleplayers


Description: We are here to dominate... Bottom line. That requires commitment, so create your specs now, and thank you

Traits: PVP

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