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Description: i think this clan is going to be grate. this clan will be looking at tournament and versing new people they don't know. it will be a grate clan for you if you are an expert in games we are looking for people that will be determined to win. this clan ...

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Crafting, Experts, Hardcore, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Roleplayers, Techies, Tournament-Focused


Description: We are the Aeons guild of Maplestory in Bellocan. At the moment we are only recruit lvl 30 plus. Please check out our main site http://www.theAEONSguild.com for more info.

Traits: Casual, Roleplayers


Description: Hey akSnipers,
The guild is for Halo:Reach. we are trying to expand. Gametypes: team snipers, swat and soon more. Have fun but please try and get on more than Once a week.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, PVP

Alchemists Hand

Description: we are nice and fair playing:)

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Crafting, Experts, Family-Friendly, Hardcore, Social, Roleplayers, Techies


Description: My Name is Krundes7 And i am recruiting for a guild named Alchemistz on Bera. We have a dedicated teamspeak 3 server. Our Guild has a 100 slots. And our requirements are you have to be level 50+. We hope you join our lovely guild and have fun.


Traits: Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Family-Friendly, Hardcore, Social

Aldor Destroyers - Burning Legion PvP

Description: casual hardcore

Traits: Adults-Only, Casual, Competitive, Experts, Farming, Hardcore, PVP, Techies


Description: This Guild is for any Hearts member.
Report at the forum if u just join in. TY


Description: If you want a guild that's very fun to talk to this is the guild for you! Our guild also has contests every once in awhile where you can win cool stuff! ^_^

Traits: Casual, Chatty, Family-Friendly, Social, Techies


Description: We are a GPQ guild that will eventually reach pro status.
We are social and laid-back but at the same time, competitive.

Traits: Chatty, Competitive, Social


Description: ArcComat is a Maplestroy guild that is meant for kiking monster ass, helpin other guildies, and helping in guild party quests


Description: BlackCell Productions, specializes in Videos and Web Designing. When you go with us for your Videos and Web Designing needs, you will not be disappointed.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Social, Techies


Description: none

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Social


Description: hardcore maplers. will destroy anyone in our path and defame you in a heartbeat.

Traits: Farming, Hardcore, Social


Description: we are a friednly guild. we mainly play on a ps aka private server name angelsdream ms. it a fun server and a great community.

so come join sorrow, there no level rq. or job. anyone and everyone is welcome!

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Family-Friendly, Hardcore, Social, Techies


Description: i dont have enough words for it. let the facts speak for themselves!

Traits: Adults-Only, Casual, Chatty, Experts, Social

Clan THAC0

Description: Clan THACO is a guild that does not follow the standard Guild Formula. We accept any level character. We spend several nights a week teaching those characters how to become better players. We will spend certain game days helping the lower characters ...

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Crafting, Social, PVE, Roleplayers, Techies

Classic Bellocan

Description: Classic
Guild in Bellocan

Traits: Roleplayers

Crazy Maplestory Players

Description: We are a massive Maplestory group who just love to help people.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Experts, Social, Roleplayers

Cygnus Lords

Description: We are a friendly Cygnus Knight only guild from the game Maplestory. Check us out!

Traits: Casual, Chatty, Crafting, Family-Friendly, Farming, Social

Dark Assailants

Description: The Dark Assailants are a gaming clan. They are however not bound to one game as the members play a wide variety of games. We have an active forum where you can talk about almost anything. On the forum you'll be able to join in the many competitions ...

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Experts, Family-Friendly, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Roleplayers


Description: This is a Great Guild in Maplestory Global where anyone can join. The guild is in Scania. If u would like to join whisper cerythetheif when he is on to join. And remember HAPPY MAPLING


Description: Our guild goal is recruit 100 active, friendly, non-idiot members. There are no age or level limit to join. Restrictions apply.

Refer to guild rules for more info.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Social, Roleplayers


Description: sweet alliances, awsome guild, cool leader, great events

Traits: Casual, Social, PVE


Description: Dusk ~ A MapleStory Kradia guild family!


Description: We're a nice, friendly guild. We try to get more member as often.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Social

Epic Guardian

Description: Epic Guardian is THE most awesome guild on Maple Story's Windia server, despite what all the other guilds might say. Epic Guardian is home to lots of fun, competitive, and awesome people :D. And we're growing bit by bit. Someday our guild will take o...


Description: EternalRose is probably one of those guilds for people who don't really care about the levels of guild members. Most of the time, we just slack off and call random guild meetings for the sake of calling them.

Traits: Casual


Description: Everything is a social guild for casual Maplers of all skill and experience level. Seeking semi-literate, moderately active gamers. Good company enhances the gaming experience! Our server is Bera.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Social


Description: The Exodus Squad is one of Mardia's oldest and premier Zakum Squads, specializing in profit runs for helm seekers.

Traits: Adults-Only, Competitive


Description: EyceKeem is the 4th generation of the original guild EyceKe3m, which was first made in December,2006. First you might ask, what is EyceKe3m? Well, we are the official Ice Cream loving guild in Khaini. EyceKe3m means Ice Cream!! ^^ We started out just...

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Family-Friendly, Social


Description: 70+ for now with 4 100+ we will make it 80+ in a couple of weeks.very nice and active.

Traits: Chatty, Family-Friendly, Social


Description: We aren't very talkative yet but that's because of the lack of active member, Are you internested?
PM me or Whisper me in game.
Name is ShotAssasin ^^

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Chatty, Competitive


Description: THIS IS A GUILD WEBSITE FOR FAITHTALE. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING, SEND ME A MESSAGE!! This is a guild where you can post whatever you want but must have a GUARANTEE others will love. You can post links, images,and posts for ppl to enjoy!

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Experts, Family-Friendly, Social


Description: FatesHand Is A Growing Guild In Bellocan And We're All About Helping Each Other And Having Fun. My IGN Is GraveSage So If You're Interested In Joining Send Me A Message And We'll See If We Can Get You In.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Crafting, Experts, Hardcore, Social, Techies


Description: We recruit lvl 70+.
We play in Bera. We dont hack, we are legit.


Description: forsaken is a maplestory guild located on the server of bellocan


Description: these groups of games are very hard!


Description: This is the true FrozenRed, the leader is luckyasshoe2 and the boogus FrozenRed webpage made by lythief was a prank.

Traits: Adults-Only, Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Crafting, Experts, Family-Friendly, Farming, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Roleplayers, Techies, Tournament-Focused


Description: Friendly and welcoming. Very quiet sumtimes but very talkative in the other hand when we found the topic. Overall we appect lvl 45+

Traits: Casual, Family-Friendly, Hardcore, Social, Roleplayers


Description: Genome is a group for all the active members here in the GamerDNA community. Joining this community means you visit the site frequently and take an active role in the community. Genome is a friendly group of users and is open for all users to join....

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Experts, Family-Friendly, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Roleplayers, Techies


Description: We are a all girl guild looking for other girls so we all can have fun.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Social


Description: Goukakyuu. A new beran guild. We are active and are friendly to noobs. We often GPQ and we are in the midst of planning a Zakum Run as well as a few boss runs. :]

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Chatty, Experts, Social, Roleplayers


Description: GuardsEmpire is a legit, active, and friendly Guild so watch us rise to the top!

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Social, Roleplayers


Description: We are mostly a Halo And Call of Duty gaming clan that just wont give up in our search for the best and most addicting game.

Traits: Casual, Competitive, Social, PVE, PVP, Tournament-Focused


Description: Our guild allows level 50+ characters from Maple Story in the world Khaini. We are friendly, social, funny, we do GPQ's, and its a brand new guild! Come join and donate to make our guild a little more cozier with more people to join!

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Experts, Social, Roleplayers, Techies


Description: Ikichi is a guild of friendly, helpful and social people. We pride ourself on being a group of mature and active players.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Social, PVE


Description: iPanties is a fun guild in Mardia, a bit perverted (not saying that is a bad thing) at times but non less actively fun and helpful.

Traits: Casual, Competitive, Experts, Social


Description: IronKats is a US guild active in MapleStory; we are serious gamers, and take on whatever the world throws at us, with sword in hand and faith in our skills!

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Competitive, Roleplayers


Description: Great Game!!

Knights of Avadur

Description: This is a Guild mainly for Nexon's new game, Mabinogi. Mabinogi is currently out in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and North America. However, we accept people that play any MMO. The main five others are the following.

World of Warcraft

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Competitive, Crafting, Family-Friendly, Farming, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding

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