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Guild: Celestial Knights

"A casual and progressive raiding guild with all the perks of a small guild comfortability."

Quick Facts

Guild Leader: Trivain
Profile updated: 2349 days ago
Website: Visit now
Charter: Celestial Knights charter
Guild traits: Adults-Only, Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Crafting, Experts, Family-Friendly, Farming, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Roleplayers, Techies
Language:  English
Timezone: Mountain Time (US & Canada)

Game Participation

Celestial Knights has played, plays or intends to play the following games:

Celestial Knights is recruiting

We are Accepting Membership Applications

World of WarCraft

Hybrid Windows/Mac
(Antonidas) Recruiting all positions.


Guild Wars
 karsh1 Louwer Wolfstone Warrior
Halo 3
 Erealty Eelyk Wynter
 Pharrell Pharrell
 Pharrell Pharrell
World of Warcraft
 bluestorm sheva
 ceana-willow ceana
 ellronel ohdin
 ellronel ellronel
 hottea Bumppo
 sakory hailiegh
 sakory sakory
 sakory aprilla
 Toebee Toebee
 bluestorm Tayana Druid 20
 Cassima Kassima Druid 79
 Daez Daez Druid 80
 Erealty Caefawn Druid 11
 Gamber Sasufras Druid 70
 Magalone Alannah Druid 80
 monkeybone5251985 Kitti Druid 28
 Solique Solique Druid 70
 Trivain Taviance Druid 23
 Biodicus Evilicus Hunter 41
 bluestorm Bluestorm Hunter 70
 bluestorm Jademyst Hunter 18
 Erealty Tisala Hunter 27
 gaiasdatter Gaiasdatter Hunter 80
 Gamber Gamber Hunter 70
 hottea Bumppo Hunter 70
 Kgibson Ishton Hunter 70
 monkeybone5251985 Dotti Hunter 70
 Mordocai Mordocai Hunter 70
 nik85 Artimiss Hunter 48
 Trivain Trivain Hunter 80
 Trivain Moonwulf Hunter 48
 Gamber Nineva Mage 11
 karsh1 Zakine Mage 80
 Magalone Magalia Mage 80
 Mastrryath Mastrryath Mage 70
 monkeybone5251985 Frosttmage Mage 14
 Rainthepain Rainthepain Mage 61
 Boranaga Boranaga Paladin 29
 Kilborn Kilborn Paladin 80
 Melchizedec Melchizedec Paladin 70
 monkeybone5251985 Doti Paladin 36
 Toshirouu Dejla Paladin 21
 Trivain Tulvar Paladin 18
 Gamber Janiter Priest 24
 leelee Aedia Priest 80
 lilu Lilu Priest 80
 Easy17 Cassedor Rogue 70
 Erealty Erealty Rogue 35
 Melchizedec Hemophilia Rogue 70
 monkeybone5251985 Hotcat Rogue 20
 Rainthepain Elshadow Rogue 42
 Toshirouu Toshirouu Rogue 70
 Gamber Caliaas Shaman 11
 Gamber Smashface Shaman 22
 Theroriis Theroriis Shaman 70
 bluestorm Azuremoon Warlock 47
 Easy17 Cassador Warlock 70
 Erealty Lillorigga Warlock 12
 Gamber Handsomerob Warlock 12
 Kgibson Insidious Warlock 60
 Leto Letohyral Warlock 70
 monkeybone5251985 Doty Warlock 72
 Tanaomalan Tanaomalan Warlock 61
 Biodicus Biodicus Warrior 80
 bkboy Hisagi Warrior 80
 Cassima Cassima Warrior 70
 karsh1 Olgase Warrior 70
 Pottytimefun Pottytimefun Warrior 70
 Xonte Xonte Warrior 62
World of WarCraft: The Burning Crusade
 gaiasdatter Draeshan
 Kikkdaara Kikkdaara
World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King
 Bratac Bratac
 Cheetao3 Cheetao
 Erealty Caryo
 FrankieOakland Pheonixash
 gaiasdatter Lillypop
 Jaen Jaen
 Laynalan Laynalan
 Laynalan Annalee
 Rumpus Rumpus
 Xonte Xonte
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