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Edge of Chaos

Description: We are an Adult Raiding Guild that enjoys raiding, while having fun

We Raid 25 mans Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 8pm EST-11:30 EST (7 server-10:30 server.)

Ulduar 7/14 (25 Man) 10/14 (10) Man
Naxx, Maly, and OS 2D - Down
Loot Rules - NiKarma


Traits: Adults-Only, Chatty, Social, PVE, Raiding


Description: We are going to be focus on being the top guild for our server in WOTLK, and within the top 100 overall, if you like raiding for progression and trying to have fun while doing it, go ahead and reply, but I will tell you right now, we are going to be ...

Traits: Adults-Only, Experts, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding


Description: Legion Of Sorrows is a relatively new small guild. We're currently working on getting gear for a few players, rep for a few players and levels for a few players. We are doing heroics and will start Kara very soon. As of right now we're recruiting all...

Local Union Four Twenty

Description: The Local Union Four Twenty is for low level players to help each other have fun with WOW.

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual

Lux Immortalis

Description: We are a small, helpful guild! We are currently recruiting members of any lvl and class (including alts!) We perform no test. We're not interested in what kind of gear you have. All we're interested in is good conversation and friendly members. Pleas...

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Crafting, Experts, Family-Friendly, Farming, Social

Mech and Tech

Description: Our guild is comprised of low levels getting ready to become high so if u want to be apart of this amazing guild just sign up!

Traits: Casual, Social

Templars Of Darkness

Description: Templars Of Darkness of Rexxar, a Horde guild is looking for more members. We are a social guild, established July 2007, with a core group of dedicated players looking to fill our ranks. Our goals are progression, experience all aspects of the game...

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Competitive, Crafting, Experts, Family-Friendly, Hardcore, Social, PVE, PVP, Raiding, Techies, Tournament-Focused

The Deacs of Collins

Description: A bunch of Old BT and Hyjal raiders who just got sick of the commitment. We still raid occasionally when we feel like it. But to us WoW is a game, not a lifestyle.

Traits: Adults-Only, Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Chatty, Experts, Social, PVE, Raiding

The Forgotten

Description: We are a laided back guild who likes to help our members we have a bank and do instance runs and later when we have grown enough we will raid

Traits: Beginner-Friendly, Casual, Family-Friendly

The Purity

Description: The Purity opened itís doors on the Rexxar Realm Friday, November 3rd. Rexxar is an established PvE server with progression, healthy economy and thriving population. We are currently targeting recruiting friendly mature people who wish to gear up or...

Traits: Adults-Only, Chatty, Family-Friendly, Social, PVE, Raiding

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