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SimCity Creator (Wii)

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By Tom Chick for Crispy Gamer on 06/OCT/08

I'm angry. I'm angry because I really like SimCity Creator. If I didn't like it so much, I wouldn't be angry. If it didn't work well on the Nintendo Wii, or if it was just a sloppy money-grab console port, or if the old-school SimCity gameplay didn't hold up very well, I'd be all, like, "Yeah, whatever." I'd shrug and Fry it and move on. But none of those is the case. Instead, this is a potentially great game -- let me say that again: great game -- and one of the best things to happen to city-builders in a long time. So, yes, I'm angry. I can haz condo? I've been playing one of the medium-difficulty scenarios. It's a small map, with almost no free space, covered by a mishmash of mismatched neighborhoods. The goal is basically to double the population within the time limit. Naturally, this requires a lot of urban renewal. So I've razed buildings and rezoned large swathes of land to attract and house more people. Since I'm a longtime SimCity fan, I know to use dense zones to pack in more...

SimCity Creator

SimCity Creator (WII)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Construction/Building Sim
Release Date: 22/SEP/08
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What's Hot: Excellent update of old-school gameplay, adapted nicely to the Wii

What's Not: Hey, developers, can you help me figure this thing out?

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