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Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3)

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By Scott Jones for Crispy Gamer on 02/OCT/08

Ah, good old Silent Hill. A town that features more fog than a Def Leppard concert, rows of shuttered storefronts (perhaps a Wal-Mart opened nearby?), and tree-lined streets that are always mysteriously truncated by either a bottomless pit or some sort of awful wreckage. Or both. It's time for your 4 o'clock sponge bath, Mr. Shepherd."In case you're keeping score, Homecoming is the fifth game in the survival-horror series. Silent Hill games are typically 20 percent creepy, 20 percent nuts, 10 percent frustrating, and 50 percent depressing, and this one is no exception. The series has always earned its scares in more subtle ways than the Resident Evil games. Whereas Resident Evil relies on cheap, boogie-man moments -- e.g. zombie dobermans leaping through a glass window -- the Silent Hill games usually feature a slow and steady erosion of the psyche. It's about atmosphere in Silent Hill, whether it's an abandoned amusement park littered with stuffed animal bunnies (SH 3) or the abandone...

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date: 30/SEP/08
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What's Hot: Revamped combat system = Konami, you got our letters! Storyline has solid Freudian backbone; Some genuinely creepy moments; No install needed.

What's Not: Some genuinely frustrating moments, too; Painfully obscure puzzles; Depressing as all hell.

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