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Shaun White Snowboarding (PSP)

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By Blake Snow for Crispy Gamer on 05/DEC/08

You have to go back almost a full year to find a decent PlayStation Portable game; Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2, Patapon and God of War: Chains of Olympus were all released before the start of the summer. It's all about daisy-chaining tricks.The PlayStation Portable version of Shaun White Snowboarding is as straightforward as they come. There's no story -- everything is implied here. You can't create your own character; rather, you play as one of four selectable boarders. And there are a limited number of modes and locations to bite into. With little direction, the sole object of the game is to unlock new courses and perfect your skills as a rider by earning experience points, which can then be used to increase your abilities such as speed, tricks and control. It's a lot like Virtua Tennis in that regard and is the only version of the game to benefit from the addictive nature of leveling up your character. One of four playable charactersAs you might expect, Shaun White Snowboarding is al...

Shaun White Snowboarding

Shaun White Snowboarding (PSP)

Genre/Style: Sports/Snowboarding
Release Date: 16/NOV/08
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What's Hot: A worthy game for a system that lacks so many; Familiar gameplay; Better than PS3 and 360 versions

What's Not: Light on content; Unnecessary trick objectives; Not as fast or big as the Wii version

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