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NBA Live 08 (Xbox 360)

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By William Abner for Crispy Gamer on 31/JAN/08

NBA Live has always had a long way to go before eclipsing -- or even reaching, for that matter -- the level of quality of 2K Sports' NBA 2K series. NBA Live 08 doesn't change that; however, this is clearly a better game than last year. It's obviously not there yet, and is still not nearly good enough to recommend over 2K's game, but EA Sports appears to be back on the right track.In truth, the game had nowhere to go but up. The improvements start with player control. The old Freestyle system, where you could use the right stick to perform all sorts of nearly unstoppable moves, is replaced with the far superior Quickstrike Ballhandling that allows you to use the right stick to chain together realistic, controlled moves and not the over-the-top insanity that was possible with Freestyle.The new Player Hot Spots make a lot of sense and work well within the framework of the gameplay. Every player in the game is rated in 14 different spots on the floor. When controlling any player, a simple ...

NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 (X360)

Genre/Style: Sports/Basketball
Release Date: 02/OCT/07
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What's Hot: Player Hot Spots is a cool idea; Signature Go-To Moves work extremely well; Quickstrike Ballhandling is fluid; Improved AI

What's Not: Unstoppable point guards; Terrible rebounding; Jerky running animations; Slow menus; Not enough plays

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