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MySims (Wii)

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By Marc Saltzman for Crispy Gamer on 30/JAN/08

Look up “money tree” in the dictionary and you’ll likely see a picture of Electronic Arts’ The Sims franchise.Considered one of the top-selling gaming franchises in history -- spawning three official games, innumerable expansion discs, as well as console and handheld versions -- The Sims has ballooned into a pop culture phenomenon for EA, breaking through to young and old, male and female, and bridging the gap between seasoned and newbie players.And now that the Wii is enjoying much of the same mainstream success as The Sims series, it seems like a perfect fit to create a version of the game tailored to the popular platform. Introducing MySims, the first Wii game based on The Sims, which retains some of the character and accessibility of past games, but focuses more on building structures than building relationships.Consider it a digital toy that’s one part Mii Design Studio (where you can create an on-screen avatar from multiple options), one part LEGO (as you must construct buildings...


MySims (WII)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Life Development Sim
Release Date: 18/SEP/07
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What's Hot: Accessible and attractive; Takes advantage of Wii controls; Loads of customization and unlockables

What's Not: Little social play compared to building, collecting; Borrows from too many other games

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