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Moon (DS)

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By Ryan Kuo for Crispy Gamer on 23/FEB/09

It's hard to rock your own style on the moon.Moon's mission statement is written on the many terminals strewn throughout its claustrophobic interiors. Each one builds the backstory like a brick laser-cut to precise dimensions: "Subjects are extracted at a rate of 100 individuals per Earth rotation. Subjects are transferred directly to the facility's holding tanks via a precision particle beam that deconstructs the subject and reconstructs it on site. Success rate is 99.999%." The writing's clean and efficient. That goes for the rest of the game, too, which is built with an understated charm and no-nonsense functionality that reveals an understanding of first-person shooter basics. Moon's setup is quick and painless: You're on the moon; you enter the base; things go wrong; you pick up a gun; you shoot. The game has old-school legs. When you're not shooting or being shot, you're tasked with opening locked doors, disabling energy barriers, and racing against countdown timers. The high-tec...


Moon (DS)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 13/JAN/09
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What's Hot: Brings back the '90s.

What's Not: It's 2009.

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