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Legendary (PS3)

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By David Chapman for Crispy Gamer on 17/NOV/08

My, Grandma. What big teeth you have! Some videogames revolutionize the industry or become the new benchmark for the genre, and are truly "legendary." On the other end of that spectrum, there is Legendary, the new first-person shooter from Spark Unlimited and Gamecock Media (now a part of SouthPeak Interactive). You really don't want the prize in this cereal box. The game begins at the tail end of professional thief Charles Deckard's latest job, a heist contracted by the obligatory "mysterious organization" known as the Black Order. Deckard has been hired to steal an artifact locked inside of an ancient box on display in a New York museum. What everyone failed to mention to the poor guy is that the box in question is Pandora's Box, and by opening the box, Deckard will release all manner of mythical creatures to wreak havoc on the modern world. Luckily for Deckard, the Box also brands his hand with an unusual symbol that grants him supernatural power and the ability to send the creature...


Legendary (PS3)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 04/NOV/08
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Fry It

What's Hot: Sooner or later, the game ends.

What's Not: Terrible controls; Confined, almost claustrophobic levels; Heavy technical glitches.

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