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Ghost Squad (Wii)

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By Susan Arendt for Crispy Gamer on 31/JAN/08

Ghost Squad, a port of the Sega light gun arcade game, is one of the most hilariously stupid good times you can have on the Wii. Stuffed full of humor (both intentional and not) and tailor-made for parties, it's the perfect alternative to mini-game collections when you have a few friends over to visit.You play as a member of the Ghost Squad, an elite force of commandos that's dropped into impossible situations and, ghostlike, leaves no trace behind -- except for all the dead bodies, boot prints and shell casings, that is. But otherwise, you're practically invisible. The game encompasses three missions, all with the same basic goals: shoot the bad guys, save the good guys, and take out the boss at the end. Rocket science this is not.As you move on rails through areas like the jungle and Air Force One, terrorists will pop out from hiding places, leaving you with just a split second to fire before they take a shot of their own. Innocent bystanders and hostages will sometimes get in the wa...

Ghost Squad

Ghost Squad (WII)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Shooter with Weapon Peripheral
Release Date: 20/NOV/07
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