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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (Wii)

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By Kyle Orland for Crispy Gamer on 03/MAR/09

Are you people telling me that's not enough zombies for you? Come on...From the first time it was shown, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop didn't exactly receive a warm welcome from the press. Most observers immediately and justifiably compared the game to its inspiration -- 2006's Dead Rising on the Xbox 360 -- and found this new port wanting. Kotaku's hands-on preview roundly derided the game's largely empty corridors and called the Wii port a "terrible, terrible idea." A VG Cats comic declared in a fake ad that Chop Till You Drop was the "same game [with] half the content!" Even a writer at fan site GoNintendo said it felt like Wii owners were "getting a raw deal" with this new version of the game. I have to take these previews at their word, frankly, because I don't have much experience with the Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising. Call me a delinquent game critic if you must, but aside from a five-minute demo at a local GameStop, I never found the time to kill thousands of mall-based zo...

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop (WII)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 24/FEB/09
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What's Hot: Good variety of zombie-killing weaponry; Satisfying melee combat amidst hordes of zombies

What's Not: Annoying stop-and-pop gun controls; Linear and repetitive mission structure

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