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Mar 11, 2008

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Jackie Vu

Here are some notes I thought about for our radio show. Basically I thought this time around we can try approaching the show with the mentality that it's more of a radio show and less of a live commentary show. The live commentary of matches is more like a feature.

Joe and Scotty's Live Coverage of the 2008 Rawr Cup Title Series

  • Game Coverage
    • Research professional commentators for video games
    • 2 people following different teams (red/blue) - back and forth commentating
  • Music
    • Research GW knock off and parodies to play during breaks
    • Requests
  • Call-Ins
    • The most number of hours logged when it says "please take a break"
    • The funniest GW vent/chat moment
  • Strategy Guide Session
    • Talk about beginner GvG guides
    • Bring in callers with questions
    • See Forum posts
  • Trivia and Games
    • Guess this GW sound. 1v1 or callins
    • General Trivia about GW
  • Talk about the Rawr Cup Prizes (network card, mice, headphones)
    • Technical Stats on the prizes
    • Retail Vaule (?)
    • How cool they are!
  • Talk about the Portrait Contests
    • Prizes
    • How to Enter
    • Rules/Directions
  • Talk about the Title Awards
    • Prizes
    • How to Enter
    • Rules/Directions

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Mar 12, 2008

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Joe Hostile
RE: Radio Show Ideas

Thank you, lbs. This is better than my chicken scratched notes I took while we chatted. I'll run this over with Izzy and Scotty and we'll narrow it down to what we're going to do. Is it for sure 3 hours of air time? Need to know this for the agenda and order of events.

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Mar 14, 2008

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RE: Radio Show Ideas

Lots of cool ideas in there!

One question though, since I don't have much experience with "call-ins". How does that work exactly?


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Mar 25, 2008

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RE: Radio Show Ideas

Originally Posted by Ekelon
Lots of cool ideas in there!

One question though, since I don't have much experience with "call-ins". How does that work exactly?
What I'd like to do is create a Skype account for this event (for example RAWRCup). What we'll do is have all the callers call "RawrCup" on Skype, the RawrCup user(a call-screener) will ask them what they want to say, or their name or something and tell them to wait on the line. I'll tell RAWRCup that I'm ready to take a caller and RAWRCup will forward the caller to me, DJQforQ on Skype.

The caller then joins our skype conference call and can talk to us over the air.

That's about it

Sam Houston

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Mar 31, 2008

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Joe Hostile
RE: Radio Show Ideas

Radio Show Rough Agenda:


Finals Coverage - 1 hour and 30 minutes

- Self Introduction
- Introduction of the Rawr Cup, GuildCafe, and its sponsors
- Rundown of Show Activities
- Introduce Anet Skill Balancer, Isaiah "Izzy" Cartwright
- Introduce [best] Guild Leader, Will

Live Commentary
- Dragon Division Finals Coverage
- Eliminated Guild Call In's
- Phoenix & Tiger Report by Jackie "Three Pounds" Vu

*Break - 15 minutes*

Post Tournament Show - 1 hour and 30 minutes

- Short redo of Introductions for those just tuning in
- Tournament Recap

Open Call In's
- Champion & Runner Up Guild Call In's
- Q&A Open Call In's with Izzy

- "Name That Skill" Audio Contest
- Drawing for Zaishen Key Pool

- Guest Thank You's
- GuildCafe & Sponsor Appreciation
- Future Rawr Cup/GuildCafe Event Announcements

Any feedback or input is welcomed!