Please help in the search for my missing relative

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Please help in the search for my missing relative

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Jan 21, 2013

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In 2001 my Great Uncle John and Aunt Lousie dropped their daughter off at school not knowing that they would be doing so for the very last time. Several hours later they received a call from the school saying their daughter had not been to any of her classes during the day.  Sarah was 14 when she went missing. Barely a few months older than I was, and it hit the family hard. The police neglected her case, calling her a run away when all of her possessions  including ID, Purse, etc were left behind. She took no clothes, no money, nothing. It took years for someone to come forward, claim that it was a kidnapping which finally changed the case around, but it all led to a dead end. The one that made the claims was no where to be found, and the police still refused to help in a search for my cousin’s body. I ask that if you are reading this, to please help by clicking the link, reading her story, spreading this post, donating if you can or even say a prayer for her and my family that is continuing to suffer this loss for what will almost be 12 years. If you know anything, please, PLEASE come forward. The guilt must be crushing, and no matter how difficult it may be to taste, you will relieve her family and help them to find the closure they deserve. My family has 4 days to reach their $5,000 goal which will be used to find her body in the neighboring woods/water areas, and they’ve only earned $71. This fund has been up for months, but is always passed over so I am reaching out to all of you on here in hopes you may be able to help even if it is only in prayer. We thank you for anything you can offer.  

~Mindy J~


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