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Introduce Yourself!

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Sep 15, 2010

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Guild Master

Here is the official introductions thread! Pop in and say hello! Tell us who you are!

I'll start things off!:

My name is Gilbert Galarza Im 26 years old, webmaster & guild master of glace. I can usually be found on my main, human-melee/ranger. I've been role playing about quite sometime now. I've played many MMO's but have stayed in very little. Mabinogi the longest.

Characters: JenovaX

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Posted on:
Oct 22, 2010

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RE: Introduce Yourself!

I'm back on Mabinogi and i guess im back in the guild as well Big Grin. so i guess i'll reintroduce myself...
My name is Andre and now im 19. My Mabinogi characters name is Satshingumi and now im a Elf Fighter/Archer. I've been gone for a while but now im back for as long as you will have me...
Since everyone else is doing this i guess i will too... I'm  Native American, Irish,and African American... Well i thinks thats all you need to know about me so glad to be back /dance

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Posted on:
Nov 10, 2010

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RE: Introduce Yourself!

ign: Blitzfx [human]
Been playing for about 1 year
I prefer to mage but some how end up melee'ing. I have 200+ int so u can ask me to enchant something so long as the scroll is under r5.
I lvl up life skills so my combat is really weak. I usually clear all the dungeons by ice spearing everything to death if i can't bash them first lol.
Been lazy lvling up tailoring since getting fine fabrics are boring.
I merch a lot, so feel free to ask me what something's worth if I'm not afk.
That said, I know almost all the workings in mabi except for mainstream quests and alchemy.
I'm also into tech stuff so you can ask me for help in that regard as well. Don't ask me to make some hack program because I'm not proficient enough with C++ or dll editing, only Java.

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Posted on:
Nov 10, 2010

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RE: Introduce Yourself!

Yo My Name Is William, Im Lraco in game. I'm 24 and an Us Naval Airman. Ive been playing MMO's most of my life. Played WoW for 6 years. CoH for 1 year and countless others off and on. I'm All alchemy in game and i love FIRE! Lol. But yeah if yea need something hit me up im usually always around.. (I have no life) .. Oh wait yea i do its just my Gf plays to so its a win win XD

Posted on:
Nov 17, 2010

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RE: Introduce Yourself!

hey my IGN is Semiko. been playing like a few weeks ago... currently lvl 198 and i finally got my rank 1 windmill xD (been my goal since i played since open beta on another account but stopped cause i couldnt get pass rank 4 windmill) I am normally online every day so ask me for help if im any help at all... btw i just started g2 xD finished g1 with help of Lraco and crazy thanks again.... ill help u if i can!

Posted on:
Sep 9, 2011

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RE: Introduce Yourself!

Hi, what's up everyone?
I'm Kristine, I'm 16 years old, I am half Spanish/Half Filipino. My in game name is telethia and I'm always on, I'm usually roaming around Dunbarton playing music or being an idiot. Lulz. I haven't been playing Mabinogi for that long, somewhere around.. 4 months so I'm still a noob. :-) I'm friendly and I'm always there if you're bored and need someone to talk to.  I'm looking foward to getting to know you all <3

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Posted on:
Sep 11, 2011

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RE: Introduce Yourself!

Hey I'm Theresa. o.o I'm 17 my birthday is on july 5th. You can call me terry if you'd like. I live in gloomy Waukegan IL near the harbor. My hobbies are mabi, drawing (art name: TerryBerry) animating and anime, cooking and philosophy. I like techno n stuff >.>..... And yeah I'm black. But don't be scared. I'm the friendly kind. :3 Add Alistalia on Mabinogi if you need anything to be tailored or weaved. I'm also available a lot so hit me up. (If you wanna talk about anime or anything)

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