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Jun 23, 2010

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Hi all and thank you for allowing me in and giving me such a warm welcome, i could not have asked for more.

I realise this is a bit backwards since i have already been invited into the guild, but i would still very much like to post this presentation about who i am.


The basics first: I am a 33 year old man from Denmark. I have a background in IT work, but have also been teaching everything from homepage design to the making of medieval footwear to people.


My interests include gaming (mostly MMO's and tactical games IE the Civilisation and Total War series), art, medieval history, textile crafts, leather working, politics, cooking and religion.

I am an active medieval reenactor concentrating mostly in creating clothes and clothing history, but i am also expanding into combat archery.

MMO wise i have tried allot of different MMO's over the last 3 years, but only played LOTRO seriously. I have played that since launch and am an officer in a PvE Raid kinship (guild). Content in LOTRO have gone a bit stale and it looks like it will be a total of almost a year before we get some new "real" end level PvE content to sink our teeth into so i thought i would try a new MMO. I had tried AoC a while back but foun there to be to many bugs to play it seriously. Some friends told me that AoC had gone trough a good set of updates and was actually a really good MMO now, so when i read about the new expansion and the "unlimited trial" i logged my old account and ended up buying the basic AoC game and the expansion at the same time. I started playing a HoX but found that the class might not be for me, so i left him at lvl 61 and rolled a ToS currently at lvl 40 and counting. With 10 +100% XP potions and offline levels i am sure i will be lvl 80 in the not to distant future.

I consider myself to be fairly relaxed when playing MMO's. It is a game after all and supposed to be fun. I like socialising, giving and getting help and advice, discuss things silly and serious in nature, share some laughs and generally have a good time. I do however also at times just want to relax and do some solo levelling/grinding, so I might not always join groups or engage in long chats, but i will always try to answer questions and requests as good and politely as i can, even if i am declining.

With regards to playing style i guess i am sort of a content explorer, i like to try everything at least once. I love exploring new areas and instances. I have no problem with going with people who already know the instances and explains the tactics, when it happens i try to learn the tactics as fast as possible and try to expand the tactics and vary them based upon group set up, player skill and peoples mood. I do not mind running the same instance over and over again as long as i find them fun. Good loot helps, but is far from the only thing i am after. I guess that i am actually mostly after good company when i do group content, but good content seems to also make people in a better mood, so it is usually more fun to be with people in fun instances.

In MMO's i am usually a very serious crafter and use the auction system alot. I pretty much see that as a game within the game. I am mostly a PvE player but also like the occasional PvP. I would very much like to take part in a siege at some point! I would also like to try out some minigames, if i do not like them no harm have been done, but if i find them fun, so much the better. That pretty much goes for all types of content come to think about it. I do RP, but would hardly classify myself as a hardcore RPer.


I am very used to using ventrillo for grouping and socialising. My computer seems to be able to run AoC pretty well without to much lag, when soloing i play on high graffic settings, but i suspect i will have to turn it down a bit in raids and PvP. I use Xfire a gaming oriented Instant Messaging program, but am not on any sort of social network site or any other IM service. I check forums regularly and check my E-mail address several times a day when i am at home (IE not travelling or at a medieval market). Ill be happy to give out my Xfire account name and e-mail address, but since i value my privacy alot id rather not do it on a forum open to everyone and search engines indexing. I will of course also gladly give out info on who my LOTRO main and guild is.

This turned out to be a bit of a textwall, if you read through it all i thank you for your interest! I look forward to spending some good and funny times with you all.

Posted on:
Jun 23, 2010

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RE: Introduction: Enir

wow lot of info

firstly again welcome to HoT and some realy cool intrests there games ikle civ exctra are my favs too and im realy into any thing roman hist wise as a few in guild can tell you so glad to have you with us.

we are mostly focused on PvE tho i think i can say fairly we have pretty much been involved in every siege on server since blackscar was merged here even if it didnt involve our battle keep so with luck you will see some action in that dept soon

any questsions pls let us know in game



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