Notes from "new system"

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Notes from "new system"

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Nov 5, 2009

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   First of all, I'm surprised as to how many read my first post.  I think I'll keep this up but I'll keep them shorter (if possible and i'm not fired up about something).   So far it seems like things are working the way we had hoped.   It was great getting people involved in things and to have other voices to discuss who raids and all issues in reguards to our raids as a guild.  I'm thinking that (if no one objects), I will moderate the meetings and put issues and discussions on time tables so we aren't in a vent room for hours and hours talking about the same thing.   While I know we (or at least most of us) are all friends in game and in real life, I think to keep things from getting out of control it's almost a neccessity.  I think this shows promise as long as we keep it controlled and organized.