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From the Mind of Drkrogue

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Nov 3, 2009

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     Hi to all that read this and I hope you look at this of more of what my prespective is on things rather than something to put up for a debate or to piss someone off.  Last night there was an interesting discussion on vent about the raiding status and where some people are coming from.  I respect that, but don't think some are getting the point.  There are some in this guild that feel an entitlement to raiding.  In other words, i'm here and a memeber, therefore I should be able to go.   Now, we all know that there are those who don't put up the numbers such as dps (I could give two shits what their gear score is as long as the dps is there).  Does that mean I expect you to top the charts all the time, no.   However after learning about these boss fights and what it takes to bring them down, there is a minimum that needs to be maintained.   One of the things that I've learned in things where there is a team aspect is, you are only as strong as the weakest link.  That being said, if someone isn't doing their job (whatever that may be), the team as a whole suffers.  So in a 10man situation, if 2 people are pulling 2000 dps and the other 3 are pulling 4000 dps, thats going to cause problems, and if people are dying too much, then that's no dps and then there is much facesmashing.   So that being said, what do we do.   First of all, the things that are going on for raiding, more specifically the "tryout" (using quotes for a reason), was brought on by suggestions from other members of the guild as well as the councils.  So it wasn't just myself, Pers and Fear sitting in a room going hmmmm.  In all honesty, we know who does the numbers without doing the "tryout".  We know who can play their toon.   We know who knows what they are talking about.   However, this gives others something attainable that they can see that gets them in the right direction.   So they can learn and become a better player (hopefull).  Now there has been a lot of reference to the "tryout" as being a slap in the face, treating people like shit, if done this for the guild (which is my favorite I'll get to that soon).  Well, there is a term I like to use what's called "the dog and pony show'.  No it's not a reference to interspecies errotica.   It just means that we have EVERYONE go through the motions so that anyone whos either in the guild or future members knows what to expect, AND that everyone has done it.  That's all it is guys.   We know who currently does the numbers all ready.  You're not proving yourself to me or anyone on the council.   Newer people though that haven't been in the guild that long or just came in, well don't know you or how good you necessarily are.  So instead of having, well so and so didn't do this why should I, that eliminates that.   There are others who have been in the guild for a long time and quite frankly have been carried through things rather than pull their weight.  This is a step to get people up to where they should be and put out a goal.  Sometimes if people have goals they strive to acheive them.  If they don't, well there are no excuses cause we can then say "You are not going on raids because of x,y,z , BUT (the important part that many seem to think we are getting away from) is there anything I or anyone else can do to help get you there.  Could we just say to people "you suck and I'm kicking you from this run" sure.  Could we just not take people on things because we know they can't do the job sure.  As Fear said the transparency thing is the biggest pain in the ass to get going it seems.  Honestly, the runs I was doing the past few weeks were invite only runs.  It was done for reasons discussed earlier and, it was successful.  I didn't like doing it for the fact that honestly I didn't want people to think I was playing favorites.  Hell that was the whole reason the fucking rolling for spots thing came about.  In my opinion, that is why we had so many unsuccessfull runs.  It came down to taking the people that could do the job to clear content.  So with this we set a bar and goals for everyone to strive for.  So, now theres the "Oh my god we aren't a casual guild anymore, you guys are being mean blah blah blah blah"

      So what changed?   Am I different?  Am I a different person?  Fuck NO!  I still treat people with respect and dignity and will always do so.  Did Pers change? NO Did Fear change? NO.   Ok now that's out of the way.  So what does this really mean for everyone.   It means that if you want to be casual, ok.   Nothing changed for you.  I won't ever disrepect you for it and no one else should either.  If someone does I want to know about it so I can put my foot in their ass.    Ok so, if nothing changed for those people, and the raiding aspect is hopefully understood from the above paragraph, then what is the problem?  Fuck I don't know.  We do plan A, people are pissed, we do plan B, the people we first pissed off are happy but other people are pissed.  What the hell.  This wasn't personal people.  It was just to get things in a positive direction for everyone.  We shouldn't have to do things like in Junior Leage where everbody plays, no matter if they can catch the ball or not, or everyone gets a trophy for just showing up because "WE ARE ALL WINNERS!" Blah NO one can tell me that that isn't crap.  We are supposed to be adults here and so many times we keep having this discussion and frankly it gets old.  I know that was harsh so let me be more specific.  In a childs develpment that mentality is more important because they are children and emotionaly can't handle those situations as well as adults are SUPPOSED to.  So it is more important for the development in at that time as long as they learn that in the real world its not that way.  That being said, should we be treating people like kids then, NO I would hope not.  Ok, i think i got a lot off my chest now so I'm going to close with this statement.  Don't ANYONE try to tell ME they are too good to do something because of what they have done for the guild. I have busted MY ass since i was here and been putting runs up organizing shit and trying to help people for a long fucking time.  HOWEVER I DO THIS FOR THE GUILD AND THE PEOPLE I CARE ABOUT.  Tell me that i haven't done as much as you, go ahead.  That statement pisses me off to no end.  I'm not going to speak on Fear's and Pers behalf.  I'll let them do that for themeselves.  Thanks for reading.


Anthony Mastriania IV

PS there is no spell check so....sorry if i mispelled stuff