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Oct 1, 2009

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Made another successfull FG run last night w/ me(tank), Watty, Sheera, Konn, Tor and our LM C (sorry, can't spell your name off memory Smile ).   We ran into a little snag on the last fight which was due to eveyone, save for Watty, out of their comfort zone due running w/ alts or for the 1st time in.  We learned and adapted quickly and, on our 2nd attempt, barely brook a sweat in bringing him down.  Everyone listened very well and took an sugestions in stride.

Watty was the fourtunate recipient of a new shinny pair of Rad gloves, which was much deserved for all his previous successful runs in FG w/ no reward.  We also managed to help Konn w/ his lv 58 Capt. quest and now have two more kinmates w/ the strat to run a FG group.  Another excellent performace by all.  Look forward to more.

Trust me... I'm a Captain