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Jul 1, 2009

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Another blogger posted this video of a Hard-mode XT-002 kill his guild did.

Things to note:
 - I do think the video messes up and tanks XT in the wrong place. With our current tanking scheme we get 1/2 as many adds and have twice as long to spot them /stop them. I would suggest we stick with our current tanking spot but incorporate a few of the things they do (noted below)
 - The raid stacks up and the lightbomb/shadowbomb afflicted individuals run away from the group. Others that I checked with say this makes it very easy to AOE heal the raid.
 - Note in the video, light bomb folks go left and shadow bomb folks go right.
 - Because it's hard-mode the light bombed folks drop a spark which has to be tanked and dps(spark has 800dps aoe). Because the lightbombed guy always goes left the spark tank knows exactly where the spark will be when it's dropped. The spark tank picks up the spark and keeps it within range of the dps group who kills it off fast.
 - Because it's hard-mode the shadow bombed folks drop a black circle of death which everyone has to stay out of. This leaves an easy line of black circles that's easy for everyone to stay out of.

(note: creator of the video notes that they tank him in the middle of the room so that the raid has "room to move for the bombs" and that after you break the heart he heals up to 100% anyway.  AND because you've broken the heart you don't get any more adds.)

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