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Mar 1, 2009

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Surely you've installed EVEmon by now and have hopefully played around with skill planning.  One of it's features allows you to import skill plans. To do so once you have added your character, go to :

Plans -> Manage...
File -> Load Plan from File...

And select the plans to import.  I have created a number of basic skill plans for most aspects of the game.  I have not included any race-specific plans (Like T2 Ship skill plans), so you'll have to make those yourself.  The skill plan archive can be found here, and contains the following:


Core- Primary:
These are all the basic skills that will help any pilot who leaves a station in something other than a pod.  If nothing else, be sure to have these skills.
Core - Secondary: Inclusive of the Primary skills, these are additional skills helpful to most pilots, especially those who engage in combat.
Core - Tertiary: All-inclusive skill plan for every general skill that would help in combat.
Navigation: All sub-capital navigation skills, including those for Afterburners (ABs) and MicroWarpdrives (MWDs).
Learning: In case you aren't familiar with what they are, Learning skills improve your attributes which directly impacts the length of time your skills take to train.  This skill plan maximizes attribute accumulation improving skill gain across the board without training every skill to Level V.


Every skill that impacts your ability to manufacture items more efficiently and effectively.
Knowledge: All the subject matter skills that are required for specific industry tasks.  Also the skills needed for research project management jobs.
Research: The skills needed to augment the manipulation of Blueprint Originals (BPOs).
RPM: The skills needed for effective Research Project Management, needed for the harvesting of datacores.  Does not include agent-specific knowledge skills.
Scrapmetal Processing: The skills needed for melting modules and ships down into their mineral components.
Trade: All the skills needed for effective market trading.


Mining - Core:
The most basic of mining skills that anyone interested in mining must possess.
Mining - Crystals: The skills needed to equip all T2 mining crystals.
Mining - Drones: The skills needed to use T2 mining drones effectively.
Mining - Ice: Base skills for Ice Mining.
Mining - Mercoxit: Base skills for Mercoxit Mining.
Mining - Ships: The skills needed for piloting all Mining Barges up to and including all Exhumers.
Mining - Support: The skills needed for effectively boosting other miners' effectiveness.


All skills that impact the effectiveness of equipped armor modules.
Shields: All skills that impact the effectiveness of equipped shield modules.


Guns - Core:
All supplementary skills to increase the effectiveness of equipped turrets.  Does not include specific turret or ammo types (i.e. Hybrid, Projectile, Energy).
Missiles - Core: All supplementary skills to increase the effectiveness of equipped missile launchers.  Does not include specific launcher types (i.e. Light, Medium, Heavy).


Drones - Combat: The skills useful for all combat-focused drones.
Drones - Core: The skills useful for all drones, regardless of role.
Drones - Fighter: The skills useful for Carrier-class Fighter Drones.
Drones - Heavy: The skills useful for all Heavy Combat Drones.
Drones - Repair: The skills useful for all Repair Drones.
Drones - Scout: The skills useful for all Light and Medium Drones.
Drones - Sentry: The skills useful for all Sentry Drones.
Drones - T2: The core skills needed for using light T2 drones.


Scanning - Core: The skills useful for system scanning.
Exploration - Core: The skills useful for site exploration.

Corporate Affairs

CEO: Fancy yourself a future CEO?  Try this skill plan out.