A look back at 2008

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A look back at 2008

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Jan 3, 2009

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Ok so I'm not the best at putting together stuff like this...
But I thought it would be cool to take a look back at all the stuff that happened last month... maybe we'll see it w/ new eyes if it is all layed out...

Myself, Brian, and Lea wanted to stay in touch while Lea was visiting her fam... So we started to play WoW together...

Lea set up this guild and a webpage... the webpage www.nubuds.org didn't get alot of use so she let Brian start using it as a blog...

According to what we saw of him... and what he wrote down in his blog...
Brian was going through alot this summer... he started to act kind of weird... and sometime in the middle of Nov... he went missing.

Later I started getting some weird messages while playing WoW... It seemed like Brian was out there playing WoW... but I couldn't find him at any of the webcafe's or computer labs around town!

I asked for some help with the messages in diffrent places... you guys here at GamerDNA were the most helpful...

More people started getting messages from Brian... talking about stuff like whispers and stuff being real... One message lead us to Ironforge where we got a weird message about pills... and we think it was Brian saying something about being stuck in some other reality maybe...

Some images lead to a phone number... which lead to a website www.singularitynow.org... some guys lame weird video...

It also looks like he has even started to kinda stalk us because he set up a page here singularitynow.gamerdna.com... he has sent some weird messages to any of us who have contacted him... 

People are thinking that we need to find out a login to that website... some people think he has been hinting about that to us... He seems to want us to prove ourselves to him... After all that has happened so far... I suppose it is worth it to jump through this guys hoop if he has some info on where Brian is...

Ok that was just a giant brain dump... not anywhere near as organized as that cool wiki that EAC set up... (does anyone have the skills to update that?)

let me know if I left anything out... 


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Jan 6, 2009

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RE: A look back at 2008

Ok, I messaged him again asking if there was anything that we were missing. Something that might be in plain sight but we are looking to hard. We'll find Brian somehow, I feel it.

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