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Dec 18, 2008

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Here is a general list of raid expectations to help those of you interested in raiding with Softcore. My hope is that it will ease the transition from randomly pugging 5-mans to raiding as a Softie for those unfamiliar with our raid expectations. 


Softcore’s Raid Expectations


  1. Come on time

Raiding is a social event.  It requires at least 9 other people to attempt with different schedules and time constraints.  If you are late to a raid you are basically wasting the time of at least 9 other people (or 24).  We do not like to waste people’s time. Your saved slot will be given to someone else at raid time if you are not on.  We’re not trying to be mean but we would be punishing the people who showed up on time if we waited around.  If you know you are going to be a tad late, just let the person organizing the raid know.


  1. Come prepared

a.      Use elixirs, raid food, and other buffs!  Especially when attempting difficult bosses or new content, having each member of the raid being fully raid buffed can mean the difference from a boss down and a very nasty wipe.

b.     Research your class!  I’m not trying to say anyone is clueless; we all leveled to 80 after all.  Raiding is a different beast entirely from leveling however.  Make sure you know your class mechanics, rotations, are hit capped (if dps), glyphed, gemmed/enchanted correctly, etc etc etc… all of this will help you improve as a player and also make you a valued member of the team.

c.      Research the fights! Knowing the mechanics of a boss fight before you go in gives you a HUGE advantage!  People who know the fight will consistently out play those who are uninformed.  Don’t be uninformed! J  There are some great links on the website to learn more about all sorts of boss fights.


  1. Communicate

a.      Listen! J  When an encounter is being explained, please limit talking over vent.  It slows down the explanation and we end up going slow.  Also, some members are fairly vocal during raids with instructions.  Listen closely, it helps for staying out of the fire or away from the orbs of death.

b.     Speak up! J  The council and people leading raids are not claiming to know everything.  You may have a suggestion or ideas that would help everyone!  Don’t be afraid to let us know if we’re forgetting to do something (ie: set a loot master, stack groups) or if you have a great idea for the guild.  We can’t change it if we don’t know about it. Also, don’t be afraid to ask where to go for help with your class! J  Many people in the guild are very knowledgeable.


  1. Gear Up


a.     Gear up for raiding We are not able to carry people in raiding at this time.  Besides... even if we did, would it really help you learn your class better? Class knowledge > gear any day!  Make sure you are working to collect all your possible upgrades outside of raids in regular and heroic instances, from quests, and of course from the various factions.

b.     Loot like a gentleman You will be running with the same people for a while when you raid.  Do not piss these people off with loot whorish behavior!  If you do, there is a good chance you will not be invited back.  Typically we run on a “gentleman’s” policy.  This means you’re entitled to win one drop per run.  If someone else also needs the next drop that you could use, you kindly pass, so we’re each gearing up instead of just one or two.  If an item drops and everyone who is interested has already received a drop… well then that drop is fair game again, good luck! J

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